Well this is awkward...



What do you mean it’s under construction?!

I know, I am as frustrated as you are. I am so eager to show everyone the fruits of my labor for the past couple of years. That's why I've been working very hard to get this site live while juggling a couple of things and a full time job.


Wow, did you really just use your job  as an excuse?

Yes, I did use work as an excuse, sorry about that! As the Interactive Art Director at ColumnFive, I have a handful of incredible clients that are itching to get their sites live, you can see a couple of fan favorites down below.


Okay, so when can we expect to see this beauty come to life?

Soon! It’s hard to give a deadline. I am committed to getting all my client sites up and running without any issues first. Secondly, as an interactive designer and a no code developer-in-training, I want to make sure that I deliver a high quality portfolio site in the end.

work in progress

Awesome client 1

Updating the site experience to reflect the brand’s focus for 2023 and 2024.

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Awesome client 2

Designing a resource hub to educate and inspire brands to activate on the platform.

Awesome client 3

Developing a central digital location for the university food study institute content.

Copper Key

Tapping into the world of AI alongside Column Five through a new sub agency website.

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